Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A 30 Day Challenge

A while back I was spending numberless hours on the ever addicting pinterest when my sister Marissa burst unannounced into the apartment, before I could shamefacedly exit from the vortex of girly awesomeness she walk over and took a look at the screen. " Pinterest?!?" She shouted , a hint of disdain coloring her tone, "seriously you're spending your free time on PINTEREST?" "Hey," I said " there's a lot of good stuff on here and I am totally going to use all this stuff whenever I have the time and the means." The girl would not listen to reason. " Come on Kelsey, you know that is just a waste of time." she asserted with force. Innocently, sweetly, I made some comment or other about watching SNL clips on her laptop...she didn't seem to appreciate the remark. " Well, " she sniffed snobbily " I get a good laugh while you are over here deluding yourself into thinking that you are actually helping yourself fawning over things you'll never have and stuff you'll never make."

That's when I made myself a promise. A crazy, fun, challenge to myself. "I AM GOING TO BLOG ABOUT THIS AND IT WILL BE AMAZING!" I said convincingly (I'm sure it was convincing). So here I am after a short break from reality in favor of couch potato-ing and a crazy trip to AZ and back I am ready to get creative and prove my sister wrong. Starting tomorrow I am going to embark on a 30 DAY PINTEREST CHALLENGE! Everyday for 30 days I am going to make one of the things I pinned on one of my pinterest boards. On Fridays I am going to leave the choosing to you! Friday morning first one to leave a comment( on here or on fb) with a pinterest challenge for me ( just add the link or describe the pin) will see their challenge undergone. For those who are unfamiliar with pinterest it is a website which allows you to "pin" clippings from blogs or articles onto your "pinboard" I have lots of boards but the ones I will focus on will be the crafting/DIY and recipe boards. Fridays are free game though so be looking for something crazy you want to torture me with.

Let the Challenge begin! BEAT THAT SIS!!!!!!!!MUHUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Ok so we all know that I posted this last week and have yet to begin, but never fear today is the day I will be posting my first and I WILL NOT MISS A DAY FROM THERE ON OUT I SWEAR IT. Also I'd like to publicly apologize to Lauren, who I left hanging last week ;).

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