Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day #3 : Mini Lasagnas

Last night my mom was in charge of the Mid-Month Meeting for our Relief Society. A little preface: Relief Society is the women's organization within my church, it was originally organized to give relief to those in need and still function today as an aid society for those within and without our church.

Anyway last night my mom helped organize the activity , which involved a potluck. It was the perfect opportunity to make the SUPER cute mini lasagna I pinned awhile back. I thought these would be fun for a couple reasons. 1) I have yet to work myself up to making a full fledged lasagna even though it's one of Justin's favorite meals 2) They are bite size and don't need utensils. 3) They involve wonton wrappers; which I just think is cool.

They were simple and easy and tasted great, and I got a few people asking me how I made them which was awesome because it was easy enough to tell them right then and there.

My original pin was from one blog, but I chose to follow the recipe she was inspired by because it seemed a little healthier. They were delicious!

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