Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day #2: Father's Day Gift Bags

With Father's day coming up, my mind and pinterest account are awhirling with fun craft ideas. Chances that my dad will truly love the cutsie stuff I am doing are slim, but I am sure he will appreciate the fact that at least one of the things I will be making this week is comprised of chocolate.

These bags I pinned on my "Crafts and Parties" board ( which is mostly a place for me to file away cute holiday ideas) and I have absolutely no memory of pinning them. I am glad I did though because the template was easy to print and to follow and it was a nice relief after the 100 years war making that braided scarf turned out to be.

This is her finished product...

Make some for your Dad and check back throughout the week to see what I am filling them with!

And this is mine:)

* I am on a quest to complete at least one project I have pinned on my pinterest board daily, for thirty days. Join me as I laugh, cry, and amaze you with my pineteresting powers.

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