Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Roach spray: $6

Roach Traps: $9

Releasing a Gecko in your place to do the same job for you: Priceless...literally

On Monday after a long and VERY muddy run with my teammates, (unofficial run of course because we won't start real practice 'til mid August like good little NCAA clones) I found a cute and healthy looking Gecko sssskkkkkkkkkkkkkkekkkking happily along in the girl's locker room. Maybe its just the sustainability literature I've been reading lately but I had the sudden urge to plop that little guy right down in our livingbedroom( ahhh my tiny newlywed studio), and see what he could do for me. So I stuck him inside my friends sock and carried him right on over to our little place and plop ...he...did.

Yesterday I heard his characteristic little cackle and my eyes got really big and excited. Justin LOVES when I get this look, our first encounter with it was when we had some pitbull tag-alongs during our Tsunami camp-out last year. Poor guy, my husband I mean,  he is totally doomed to a houseful of pets cause he can't resist my childlike excitement. Butchya wanna know a secret, I TOTALLY can't resist his either. He has these big old brown eyes that just take over his whole face when he is happy and the best part about yesterday's gecko cackle was that when I was childishly happy HE was childishly happy and I was sitting there thinking...wouldn't it be awesome if we could just be childishly happy all the time.

Good thing we look like kids, cuz people can't tell us to act our age when we giggle and mess around. Thank you little body and bad sense of style combo for 1) allowing me to continue to trick-or-treat  2) finding me a matching hubby and 3) allowing us to act like we are the ages we look...13ish 15ish sometimes I can go 17 if I really work hard at my make-up. In sum life is pretty rad, yes the gecko is still alive and thriving, and I am wondering how this looking-like-tweens thing is going to work whenever we decide to have children. Maybe I will look 19 by then and I will only  get a FEW disparaging remarks.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Still Kids ( Sizes that is)

Justin flying his R/C airplane, wearing boys' size 16 swim trunks. Let's not even start with what size swimsuit mine is...

Last weekend Justin and I decided to use some of our wedding giftcards on a Macy's trip. Both of us were-slash-are in need of some new school clothes for the very same reason---now if I tell you this you have to promise not to it goes... Justin and I both have wardrobes primarily made up of kids' clothes. And not just like yeah- I -am-still- pretty- much- a -teenager clothes but like yeah- I- buy- size- 14- in- little- girls because they're cheaper and ( for Justin) yeah I- buy- little- boy- t-shirts- because- they fit me- better- AND- they're -cheaper. Also neither of us has done much growing since,  well ...ever so we both have lots of stuff that is OLD like I am -wearing- it- in- my- 7th- grade- photos old! Long story short this shopping trip was long overdue. It seems though that fate wants us to look forever unequipped for what ever tasks we are attempting to handle because we both got LOST in the big kids' sections. Justin finally suggested we split up and as I perused the racks all on my lonesome I just couldn't seem to find a single item that would fit my needs. I am going for a very sophisticated "so what if I'm only 20 and look like I'm fifteen I am married and I don't need your advice" sort of look you see and clothes that have that much attitude are hard to find among the mommy-drearest clothes which occupy Macy's clearance racks. I finally gathered up an assortment of clothes I thought would do but when I tried them on gahhhhhhh...they didn't fit. Apparently I am not a size two in regular women's sizes... who knew that women's was different than jr's??? Guess I should have figured that out. Just then, Justin returned from his own shopping escapade with a rather sheepish smile, he was holding two shirts in size XL guessed it from the little boys section. I turned my head sadly to the brand names plastered on the tshirts in the middle of the jr's section and sigghhhhegaaaasped... There right before me was one of the greatest ideas I had ever seen...the petite section. It took all of 10 minutes for me to grab an impressive pile of clothes with just the right subtle " I am a wife now" sophistication. And shopping for adult clothes was FINALLY a success.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Today Justin tried to inspire me in my training by using an age old coaching tactic that simply SHOULD NOT be used on your wife. See he figured it would make me even more determined to beat the odds if he pretended he didn't think I could do well this season. Long story short after a tearful call to my Dad I found myself being smothered with kisses and a whole lot of " I didn't mean to hurt you"s. The thing is though I should have figured from the beginning that Justin didn't really mean what he said. I know he loves me, wants the best for me, and I know he thinks I am a great runner. Still all it took was that one little statement to the contrary and I chose to let it make me feel like everything that had come before didn't matter. I started to think about the sitaution from a different perspective. You see, I have been allowing myself to stray away from those little things I need to do every day in order to feel close to God, and the resultant feeling of distance between us has caused a battle between what I know in my heart and those creeping doubts. I let one small moment of emptiness outweigh all my past experiences and feelings. Moral of the story. Have faith in who you were before and don't let bad times change your mind. Becasuse you really will just feel plain stupid if you do.

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