Thursday, July 21, 2011


Today Justin tried to inspire me in my training by using an age old coaching tactic that simply SHOULD NOT be used on your wife. See he figured it would make me even more determined to beat the odds if he pretended he didn't think I could do well this season. Long story short after a tearful call to my Dad I found myself being smothered with kisses and a whole lot of " I didn't mean to hurt you"s. The thing is though I should have figured from the beginning that Justin didn't really mean what he said. I know he loves me, wants the best for me, and I know he thinks I am a great runner. Still all it took was that one little statement to the contrary and I chose to let it make me feel like everything that had come before didn't matter. I started to think about the sitaution from a different perspective. You see, I have been allowing myself to stray away from those little things I need to do every day in order to feel close to God, and the resultant feeling of distance between us has caused a battle between what I know in my heart and those creeping doubts. I let one small moment of emptiness outweigh all my past experiences and feelings. Moral of the story. Have faith in who you were before and don't let bad times change your mind. Becasuse you really will just feel plain stupid if you do.

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