Monday, June 18, 2012

In Which Beta Becomes A Challenge

Beta , modeling Day #6's project

I guess it's about time to take stock of how our "beta test" is going. Beta is almost five months old now and she has gone from 6 1/2 pounds to 13ish pounds since we got her. The first few weeks were hard because she whined all night unless we let her sleep on the bed. So we let her sleep on the bed...and secretly I totally loved it. Especially because she fulfilled a life long dream of having a dog literally sleep at the foot of the bed. I thought that raising a puppy would be filled with gruesome tests that would keep me occupied enough to dismiss that case of baby-on-the-brain that I've had off and on for the last little while; but our beta test is going wonderfully! She is such a little sweetheart as you can tell by her sweet face. She is low maintenance. She sleeps a lot so she doesn't get lonely or anxious if we leave the house during the day, and she is adoring, loyal, and loving as a dog could be. I love that she follows me up and down the stairs , no matter how frequently that is. She is pretty quiet, but she'll play if you get her toys out. My favorite thing though, is that she totally loves little kids. Whenever we walk past babies or have young toddlers over she goes nuts, she gets so happy and plays so gently and sweetly with them. It's a big reassurance for me because I am not a fan of getting rid of dogs when the going gets tough. I want Beta to be a part of our family for the rest of our life!

Now this all sounds ooey gooey and wonerful but see, Beta has presented me with a real problem. She has been so easy and brought so much joy that she has lead me straight back into that baby-craze! The thing is that I know that right at this moment isn't quite the right time yet, but I so want it to be... Of course Justin has an answer for everything. The other night, just before bed we lay there talking sweetly to eachother and I tried to convince ( yet again). "Justin I just want a baby so bad, I think we should just do it." I said , half-serious. " How could you Kels," he said " we have a baby!" and with that he plopped Beta right into my lap. I cuddled her and felt better, temporarily.

Now let's get to the challenge part. Today I took an easy way out. I looked for something that would be easy and involve Beta (so I could get two for one with this post) and found the most ridiculously awesome, simple way to make a dog sweater.

Here's the link to the site I pinned from. The idea was so simple that I didn't actually even read directions. I just followed the picture from the pin.

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