Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day #1: The double braided scarf

Ah life. Don't you love how it just comes up and smacks you in the behind sometimes? Like today when my double braided scarf project took hours longer than it should have, and then my camera started malfunctioning when I finally sat down to upload the pictures to this post just now? Well, anyway I must start my countdown today and so here we are imageless...and we all know that you only read this crap for the pictures. I apologize, and officially and publicly recognize that this is an atrocious affront to humanity. I will continue lamely , picture-less-ly from here.

Well I decided to start the challenge with something, well challenging. Naturally all of the womanly things made the top of the list. Cooking and sewing...ew. Well it's about time I started to take on some feminine pursuits and I figure what better than this super cute scarf to suddenly magick me into ultimate craftiness ... right? That or my subconscious wanted me to develop a hunch in my back ( from all the huddling over sewing machines and whatnot) ...I am making this sound hard...it wasn't ...but it was for me, because I am astoundingly dense sometimes.

Check out the original pin as it appears on my "DIY" board.

I love the results and I will post the pictures as soon as I can. Until then check out how this lady did it:)

P.S. If you go into Goodwill to look for potential scarf material, plan on walking out with 3 more old man sweaters than you actually need, because when you have Pinterest on the brain there is no stopping a vicious onslaught of "Yes I can make this work"s and " I can totally pull that off"s.

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