Thursday, June 9, 2011

For Richer and for Royer

In the months leading up to my recent ( as in six weeks ago) wedding, I met with a lot of different reactions. My closest friends were really happy for me, while others criticized my decision to get married young. Many of the latter seemed to be under the impression that I was making an uninformed decision, and one person even told me that my marriage wouldn't last. I want those people to know that I plan to put my heart and soul into this marriage. FOR RICHER OR FOR ROYER! In other words, I didn't step into this thnking it was my own tailor-made fairytale, and though I'm sure there will be some curveballs, this is a choice that I will stick with far beyond my lifeon Earth. I intend to use this blog to write about the ups and the downs of marriage and family...from the very beginning.

So here I am , 20 years old and six weeks into my marriage. So far marriage is an adjustment, but nothing I hadn't expected...the biggest lesson so far has been compromise; both when you disagree with each other, and with yourself in the midst of choosing your battles .Like when we are both brushing our teeth and Justin cringes at how big of a blob I use...Just imagine : he slowly puts down his toothbrush and backs out of the bathroom, hands in the air and I can see the thoughts forming in his mind."Ok  Justin," he tells himself  "if you let this one slide then you can probably come off with a victory the next time she tries to buy smooth peanut butter..." FLASH TO THE GROCERY STORE , I win my own internal battle by telling myself I can survive such a dishonor to my Mom's jam , in favor of winning the epic skirmish with a triumphant  "YOU WILL NEVER WASH THE WHITES WITH THE COLORS AGAIN REGARDLESS OF THE 16 CENTS IT SAVES!" See, compromise...I'm checking it off in my notebook of lessons to keep learning for the rest of your life. Compromise...a lesson I have just recently started to learn ;)

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  1. steve and i still have to take turns choosing which ice cream flavor we buy. it's what makes life interesting, how boring would it be if you two were exactly alike?
    i'm so excited to be blogging buddies!!


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