Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One Year Richer...One Year Royer

If you were misled by the title of this post stop now...Justin and I did not win the lottery or make inordinate amounts of money this year. But we certainly are richer for the time we've had together, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year as a Royer.

On Monday, Justin and I celebrated our first anniversary! I can't believe it has been a year already, time has flown and I think that's a good thing. We are very proud of ourselves because lots of people told us the first year is one of the hardest, but we found it to be amazingly awesome and indescribably happy. I know though, that there are also those who say that the hard part doesn't start until after the honeymoon stage...BRING ON ROUND TWO!

Speaking of round two, Justin came up with this really great plan to catapult us out of the honeymoon stage. See, my birthday happened while I was busy not blogging ( look to later posts to read about the New York Karaoke Bar Fiasco) and Justin got me the best present ever ( see below). This little bundle of fur, teeth, and energy is sure teaching us a lot about ourselves, our relationship, and the ins and outs of having your very own ( in our case miniature) family. I guess you could say she is really living up to her name. How cute is this--we named her "Beta" as in "Beta-test", as in we are doing it like the Grogans  (Marley and Me) and starting with a dog first. P.S. I get the creeping feeling that we are pretty nerdy whenever we have to explain that a beta test is something often used by video/computer game makers to refine their product before releasing the official game.

Anyway, we had a really fun anniversary going out to dinner and eating our frozen wedding cake ( fun fact: We didn't have it preserved , we didn't wrap it in foil or wax paper, we didn't even use a ziplock...that thing had been sitting there in my parent's freezer, whole and untouched, on a plate for a year. fun fact#2: We did not die or get food poisoning.) The fun is just going to keep on coming too since I booked a hotel in Valencia for this Friday night and we are going to good ole Six Flags on Saturday. There was quite a debate between the two of us, or should I say the four of us ( we both wavered between the two sides at one point or another) as to whether it would be honest for me to borrow Aimee's ( read: little sister that looks a lot like me) season pass and her coupon book for a $25 ticket and only spend $25 total  for both of us to get in. We talked and talked but never really made it to a good conclusion and so we figured we were better safe than sorry and asked my family to come with us (that way they can legally use their coupon books and get us in for $50 bucks total ; which is still a pretty good deal.) I think it'll be more fun with the family anyway, but what do you think? Using a sibling's season pass-yea or nay? Let me know in the comments.

I'll spare you the lovey-dovey bit for now, if you want to know how I feel about Justin, and how celebrating our love in commercialized glory brings it out, refer to my Valentine's Day post.It feels good to be back to blogging and trust me when I say that I have a lot more to write about.(Think cool challenges that you are going to want to read about me failing at.)

P.S. I noticed that a lot of my friends also have anniversaries in late April/ early May...could this be because that's when the BYU's Winter/Spring Terms gets out? That said, happy anniversary to all my BYU-tiful friends too!

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