Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Making Do

While the responsibilities that come along with college-married-EditorinChief life pile more and more heavily on my shoulders, I am delaying some of the more thought provoking posts I've got planned until I have enough time to do them justice. Honestly there is just way to much deep thinking going on in my head for one person to handle! Instead, enjoy the following text message conversation I had with my good friend Katie Belliston, who recently got married too.

 Katie: You know you're a poor newlywed college student when you pick up a fork that someone dropped in the grass...
Me: haha or when you save the paper plate you got from the free food in the counseling center for your next visiting teaching appointment... [sorry guys I swear I'll wash it]
Katie: Wash sour cream and yogurt containers for leftovers...Lol we could go on for hours
Me: for cream container for a mixing bowl...this convo just made the blog!
Katie : ha YES!!!!

Ah young married addition to the yogurt containers and ice cream bowls, we've also supplemented our spoon collection with a few plastic ones we got at the Seasider ( our little on-campus snack shop), and our cup collection with a plastic one from the cheesecake factory. I think the situation wouldn't be quite the same on the mainland, but while you're here on island for a limited time its hard to commit to buying dishes and whatnot ,because you can't take them with you. Anyone else had a similar experience? What are your quirky solutions?

P.S. Being a Cultural Studies major I just can't let myself make the assertion that we are "living poor" , look forward to a more academic post on true poverty in the near future, but know that we use "living poor" euphemistically to describe our current cultural/class conditions.


  1. Dude, I never thought to save the plastic plates, but I constantly never have plates for home teaching goodies, and I'm too cheap to buy them.


  2. Don't forget about the martenelli's bottles use saved from thanksgiving to keep your water cold in! hahaha


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