Monday, August 8, 2011


Yesterday started off with a bang for poor Justin. It seems that every time I start a new round of birth control I go nuts. This time I seemed to think that Justin just didn't express his love for me enough. I happen to know that this particular strain of thought is untrue because Saturday morning I happened to tell all my friends about all the little things my honeybunches does just to make me feel special. Not to mention Saturday night was one of the most romantic dates I have ever been on, complete with beach make-out and security guards trying to save us from pre-marital doom, ( "...except we are already married sir so if you could just leave us alone now we'll try to wrap this up real quick without making any more single people jealous.") Anyway then I took my crazy pill Sunday morning and it was like the sky fell over. I laughed, I cried, I made Justin bang his head against the wall . Anyway , I guess we ended up in a good place because I came to my senses just before we had to leave for Church and got him all choked up by being like " I'm sorry honey, I know I am acting all crazy and everything. The truth is I know you love me and I know you show it differently than I do but I want you to know that I notice it. I noticed how you woke up early to fix my bike and how you are always trying to do little things for me. And I do love you for who you are." So yeah, I went a little crazy but maybe a little crazy was just what I needed in order to come to a perfectly  sane conclusion.

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  1. I am busting a gut right now in laughter. Oh heavens Kelsey...glad I have that to look forward to! :)


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