Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Year's in July

  I have never been good at setting achievable New Year's resolutions. During 2013, for example, my resolution list consistent of the following:

                            Get Pregnant
                            Have a Baby

While it just so happened to work out that I checked both things off my list last year, I didn't exactly choose goals that were well within my control. Last year's goals are just one example . Usually I scrawl out a list of goals on New Year's day that are vague or impossible. "Be a better person" and "Get to the Olympics" are repeat offenders (you get the gist).

This year , though, I am proud to announce that I did things differently. This year I wrote down those vague and seemingly impossible goals and turned them into a list of projects that I knew I could complete.
I took " Be more cultural/artsy" and turned it into "Start a Book Club". "Be a better person" became "Put on a talent show for charity." See the full list
                                                 -Start a Videography Business
-Finish Writing a Motherhood Poetry Book
-Lose 40 lbs (baby weight)
-Put on a talent show for charity.
-Take a personal finance course
-Read 3 medium level books in Spanish
-Start a book club

I am writing about this in July because I am happy to report that I can check off starting a book club and losing 40 pounds. I am working at starting my videography business, writing my poetry book, and taking a personal finance class.

In other words,  I am optimistic about checking each of my goals off by December!

How are you doing with your New Year's resolutions? Got any tips for making them doable?


  1. Great goals! One tip for making big goals doable, and you probably already know this, is to break those goals into smaller goals. Like for the talent show one-- 1) contact potential participants 2) select a charity, etc (Also, sorry for slacking on reading your poems--we've been crazy busy! I'll get to it soon!

  2. Good tip Angela! Can't wait to hear your feedback and see your pieces as we keep working!


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