Thursday, October 17, 2013

Can a Scatterbrain Be Tamed?

Maybe this is news to you, but I happen to be a scribbling poet. What I mean to say is that you come to my house and wonder why I keep so many half-used ,battered old notebooks with paper fringe peeping out its because I write poems in them.

Being me, I have absolutely no method to documenting or keeping these poems  nope I don't even start at the front of a notebook and work my way back) except for the one house rule... "NEVER EVER THROW ANY KIND OF PAPER OUT WITHOUT FIRST CHECKING TO SEE IF THERE IS ONE OF MY POEMS ON IT." Justin knows this rule. I am pretty sure my parents and siblings do too.

In any case, I have an ambitious plan to go through all the old papers and notebooks and journals and get my poems typed up, which is what I was just sitting down to when I found what I think is one of the BEST POEMS I HAVE EVER WRITTEN.

Here it is in all of it's glory: ( It's a love poem which is why it is addressed to Justin)


      Just so you know,
      I love the way you look at me, the way you hold my hand,
      I love the way you

(Insert a few hastily scribbled heart drawings, then, in cursive...)

  Just freakin' marry me already!!

OK so maybe this isn't my best work, but I thought this was hilarious, you know since he did end up marrying me...I guess it would not be so hilarious if he hadn't. Anyway here's to the guy who loves my scattered creativity  and who has made it his eternal goal to tame the beast and get me to complete my works, flesh out my ramblings, and - well you know- actually accomplish things. Good luck babe.


  1. That is adorable. I love finding little scribblings!

  2. Haha I fairly recently was going through old papers and found a song I attemtped to write for Robert, probably a few months after we got married. Its really cheesy and embarrassing, but I couldn't bring myself to toss it. It'll just be my little secret. :)


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