Sunday, May 26, 2013


I am really really bad at keeping secrets. Well, I guess that's not strictly true. I guess I am average at keeping other people's secrets...but I am terrible at keeping my own. When I was in high school and something would happen with regard to a crush I'd decide each and every time that this time was different, that this time I would keep this story to my self for a while, you know be a lady about things , be discreet. Then I'd see a mild acquaintance and blather on and on about how he may or may not have winked at me, how I think that this guy is Prince Charming ,how it wasn't like a full on wink but he definitely had to put conscious effort into it...ah the good old days. I look back and get embarrassed at my big mouth...but what's a girl to do, I've always been a bit of a story teller. Well, now that I am married and settled and whatnot, EPIC stories that just have to be told are getting harder to come by. I've come to find that there are things that are made sweeter when they are shared with your sweetheart and him alone, so I've been learning to bite my ever wagging tongue.

12 Weeks ago though, Justin and I began a particularly adventurous chapter in our lives and that is the explanation behind my blogging silence. This adventure was one of those things that prudence requires a curbed tongue for , and after blurting the news out to one or two-- ok maybe a dozen or so people--I knew that I had to keep my fingers away from this keyboard! It was all so exciting and when I tried to think of something interesting to post about I could only think of my big news. It wasn't time to tell the world yet so I hid my laptop away until the glorious day when the most dangerous part of the adventure had passed.

We've heard that at 12 weeks your chances of miscarriage significantly decrease. So I guess it's ok to let the world know. We are 3 months pregnant! So far everything's been good, the only real day-to-day evidence of it all is my growing belly...speaking of which I have a feeling I am not going to be a magical pregnancy unicorn... but I will be posting photos anyway. I do plan on writing about other stuff though, so if you aren't into mommy blogs keep coming back!


  1. Congrats Kelsey! Told you it would happen eventually! Haha! I'm glad all is going well for you, sounds like your pregnancy is a lot like mine was. I know everyone says this, but I am so happy and excited for you! :)

  2. We are thrilled for you and hope everything continues to go well. And congratulations to you for not telling everyone 3 hours after you found out (as so many young couples do these days!).


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