Saturday, October 20, 2012

For a Little Lamb who is Lost

This poem is for a little lamb who is lost. It is special in that it was written as a personal lament for one person. If you relate to this piece, feel free to share it. However please do not use it for political ends, for that is not why it was written, and will be made hollow in such an attempt.

How far will you wander away little lamb,
 before you know you are lost?
How much are you willing to pay,
 little lamb, before you realize the cost?
You give yourself o'er and o'er, little lamb,
once pure without blemish or spot.
Gladly you'll be a sacrifice now, 
O'er the heathen , gentile's pot.
Answer the Master's call little lamb
'fore you find yourself tossed in the pit.
Wait not til that day at the judgement bar,
at which too the Lord will sit. 

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