Monday, September 10, 2012

Pep Talk

I've come to learn that life is full of in-betweens. Personally, I've developed a very bad habit in looking forward to the big landmarks? without appreciating life for what it is--an everyday thing. I wrote in my last blog about living in the present and it's proving easier said than done. I am so impatient to get to the next part of life that it's turning out to be very difficult to pay much attention to the here and now.

For example, when we planned on moving to Casa Grande, we planned on my substitute teaching along with coaching at Chandler high. Substituting seemed like the ideal job for where we are at in life right now, since it is flexible and the pay makes my bachelor's degree seem worth getting. Unfortunately I am  still waiting to get my fingerprints cleared. We hoped it'd be about a 5 week wait and it's been 8. I called last week and they said it would still be another 1-2 weeks. So up until this point we've been struggling financially and I've spent most of my days waiting for cross country practice to start. Luckily the first installment of my coaching check came along on Thursday. {That day was a high/low point, let's just say there was giddy laughter and dancing around over $400}

In any case, here I am, waiting. I have another job possibility which I will write about in more detail later, but fate is not on my side in that case either. Up until last night I was feeling pretty useless.At the beginning of this year,  I'd have given anything to have time on my hands. There were so many books to be read, poems to be written, pinterest projects to get done. Now I have the time, but lack the funds.  Oh the irony. Still I realized last night that I am being ridiculous. I have been blessed with so much! So I've decided to give myself a virtual pep talk.Here it goes (sharp intake of breath)
Wake up Kelsey, take a walk. Read a book! Watch your pitiful vegetable seedlings get blasted away by dust storms! Enjoy your life for what it is, and be happy with it. You have a sweet , kind , loving husband. You get closer everyday to figuring out where you'll settle for the next three years. This is a transitory state, and there is so much to see and learn from in these little transitional blips. So stop whining , wake up early work hard and love your life!

You too guys. Wherever you are, whatever misshapen figure your life is currently cutting, love it and most importantly LIVE IT. Be happy with where your at. The little dot you now inhabit on the map of time and space is a unique one, perhaps never before seen! explore it, discover it , don't let it slip away!

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