Monday, August 13, 2012



After my last post it should come as no surprise that I have committed to procrastinating less. I'm not going to make this a formal thing, or even really specifically define what it is I'm committing to, I am just going to try to be more present in the present. Rather than looking to the next step all the time, rather than putting the little things off 'til it's too late, I am going to focus on doing more now , doing it wholly, and focusing on the things that matter most.

I think that's sort of what I was going for when I started my 30 day pinterest challenge...yeah yeah so much for that thing right? Wrong. I am still going to finish the challenge. Of course, like a lot of those little commitments we make for ourselves, I am going to be making up for lost time...I think what I have learned is that you can't think dates and numbers when the commitment you are making is about improving yourself. Progression doesn't work that way. It's about doing it when it needs to be done, how it needs to be done and not a moment sooner ( or later!!). Thus, I will not retract my goal of completing 30 pins, I will simply do them as they come up in my real life and do them because I want to give more time to crafting.etc... not because I want to make a deadline.

While we're on the topic of presentness and all that that entails, I will fill you in on the latest for the Royer family ( population 2+a Beta)

-We moved last week to Casa Grande, Arizona
- I have begun my new job as the head cross country coach at Chandler High School, and thus far have prepared for and survived; a welcome meeting, coaches' meeting, mandatory meeting, a week's worth of practice, and a parents' meeting.
-We are starting to realize that we need to draw a line with Beta. For example; the other day I asked Justin " Did you get the baaaaaab...ah um puppy?" Also, she prefers to sit on my lap with her back legs hanging down like a human. We have decided we will refer to her strictly as "the dog" or "Beta", and try to pick her up less...Because she is a dog and needs to have a normal, non-human life.
- I have tried to implement some of the herbal remedies I learned from a highly reliable source ( hint: it starts with a p and ends with an interest) found out two things so far 1) Lime juice works well for relieving itching due to mosquito bites 2) Toothpaste also works, but may leave weird burn marks on your leg if you have any patches of dry skin...I considered posting a picture but somehow those burn marks make it terribly difficult for me to get a flattering picture and posting an unsexy one sort of feels like a blogging sin.
-Finally, in honor of my recommitting to the pinterest challenge, I made honey lime enchiladas and they were awesome! And easy! And cheap! And I did it...with out any mishaps...YAY!

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