Monday, July 9, 2012

Writing my own story: Part I

I have a real life job interview for a coaching position coming up and I am spending today researching and preparing for it. While it may seem silly, I am quite nervous and I thought up this little exercise to help me feel more in control when the time comes. Basically, I've decided to write my own story. This is how my interview is going to go...we'll see how different the real life experience turns out!

She walked confidently through the door and sat opposite him across his desk. There was something about the way she carried herself that exuded the kind of authority you needed for this job. He looked up with sharp eyes, surveying her critically. She was young; probably too young. If he'd seen her on the street wearing a different outfit he might have mistaken her for one of the girls themselves. Still, there was probably an advantage to that, the girls would have someone they could relate to yet someone with just enough experience over them to command their attention and respect. Something told him not to underestimate her.He asked her the first question, she quivered. "Nerves," he thought critically. She answered well enough, speaking too quickly but mentioning something about 'linear periodization' which told him she'd done her homework. She loosened up throughout the rest of the interview and he knew she had it. It would be a gamble to hire her but it was as if things were lined up in her favor. She had the family background, the time and energy, just enough experience, and the fire for it. More than anything else he knew that she loved running and he figured if she ran with the kids they'd be sure to improve. "Lead by example" she had said, when he'd asked about her coaching philosophy, and he knew she would.

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