Saturday, October 1, 2011


I'm starting to get the feeling that Justin and I might be exceptionally cautious spenders. The hunch started in the cereal isle. Justin and I have come to an agreement on cereal, since it's a staple food in our house we allow ourselves to buy what we like, regardless of price. least we are supposed to. As we stood there deciding I couldn't help but notice a little yellow sale tag waving triumphantly from  HGGUHHHHHHHHHGAASP--the brand name section! We walked on over and the sight of that tag placed just below that irresistably colorful box with Fred Flintstone on the front and Justin shouted gleefully " FRUITY DYNO-BITES!!!" Apparently we haven't been giving ourselves as much license as we thought... This suspicion was confirmed when Justin said we could buy the name brand soda (just this once) and I automatically assumed that meant Shasta. Also we spent more time than I care to tell trying to figure out whether 2/7.00 for 1.75 oz. was a better deal than 6.07 for a gallon...I leave you to be the judge.

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